What It Is

The Medtainer is versatile in it’s design, being able to traverse numerous consumer needs on the go.  Through the product’s ability to embody both air-tight and grinding capabilities, we are able to transcend various markets and expand its everyday uses.  Although originally engineered as a solution to break down medication for the needs of Pediatric and Geriatric patients, the Medtainer has now been adopted as an application into markets/industries such as tea, culinary, coffee, medicinal mmj, pharmaceuticals and veterinary medicine.

Custom Orders

Contact us if you’d like to learn more or if you’re interested in knowing how you can make limited editions of your own!  We can do custom logo work for orders of 288 pieces or more!  Front, side, top and full bottle printing available!  Wholesale pricing available through our contact page as well if you would like to become a distributor of the Medtainer!



How It Works

Counter-clockwise to open.  Twist clockwise until you hear a click to close.  Now its sealed, air-tight, and water tight.  For the child-safe containers, push down and rotate.